[A] Misweaver & Rogue Couple LF PvE Guild

I've been trying to find a close-knit guild for some time and have been unsuccessful. Recent set back was my current GM and co-GM leaving the server without a word.

I'm looking for raiding 10 or 25 with my fiance, who plays a rogue and has an upcoming warrior. A casual or semi-casual environment that is also progression driven. In a perfect world, I'd have a spot in a raiding group who knows what their doing, and knows how to have fun while doing it.
As for times, my fiance works Tuesday-Saturday from 4pm-12am. Sundays and Mondays are best, but afternoons before 4 work as well.

I suppose I'm really looking to get back into being part of something again. Majority of the last expansion I hardly played, and when I did it was more with jut my fiance and it was rather... boring?

I just need a guild that reminds me of the good old days. :/

I have plenty of experience of most content in game, if you wish to peek at my achievements and when they were obtained. Please contact me in-game, or through my battle tag: Dokuga#1196

I hope to get to know people on this server, and find something close to what I'm looking for... if it still exists.

Yes he does, while I finish up my last year of nursing school~ :3

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