Skinning & Leatherworking Bags

Dear Blizzard:

It's been some time since Mists of Pandaria release. I love all the new content, the quests, the music... everything. But now I have something to tell you:

36 Slot Leatherworking Bag!

Best regards.
The skinners of Outland and Azeroth.
I'd like to hijack this thread and remind everyone that we also need bags for alchemy. Forget 36-slot; we don't have any.
I'm tagging on to you both.. Blizzard we need 36-slot bags even for the smaller professions. Leatherworking, alchemy and how about Taloring "cloth". Leatherworking is really needed, it takes 50 pieces to make 1 magestic., Let's be fair.
10/02/2012 10:28 PMPosted by Icpitl
I'd like to hijack this thread and remind everyone that we also need bags for alchemy. Forget 36-slot; we don't have any.

what would you put in it, crystal vials? there is already an herb bag you can use to hold alchemy mats. o.O
If the Herb bags allowed Alchemist to put completed potions and flasks, and a stack or two of Vials, into them they would work just fine for alchemy.

A tailoring "Sewing Kit" would really be nice.

Leatherworkers, will not get a new LW bag (36 slot or greater) We've been asking since all the other 36 slot profession bags were added (4.2?) and they won't give us one.

There were a minimum of 10 different threads in the Beta forums (1 by myself) for 36 slot LW bags only, let alone the other proff's asking for updated bags.

I think there may actually have been more threads asking for cooking bags than all the other proff's combined.
I think skinning and tailoring are kind of lumped together since most skinners are also leatherworkers (hence the professions should be merged) and can condense their leather like tailors. So I am not sure a bag is necessarily needed.

As for alchemists, I have always been of the opinion that you are better off keeping the herbs and making the elixirs and such you need rather than keeping stacks of them on yourself at all times. So although I am against an alchemy bag, I am in favor of a return of alchemy cauldrons. Doesn't have to be cheap to make, 10 or 25 flasks depending on the version. But stacking to 20 will certainly save bag space.

I also think we need...

1. Elixir Cauldrons for 5-mans.
2. Cooking Ingredient Pantry (void storage in halfhill).
+1 on the request for bigger skinning / LW bags!!

As far as alchemy:
1 Flask = 1 vial, 4 herbs, 1 lotus
1 stack of flasks = 1 stack of vials, 4 stacks of herbs, 1 stack of lotus = 6 stacks of mats

This translates to 1 normal slot and 5 herb slots vs 1 normal slot. Let's dismiss the vials stack on the idea you buy them only when needed from a convenient vendor. You're left with 5 herb stacks vs 1 normal stack. Herb bags give roughly 2x as many slots (a bit less actually) so even with a cheap 16 slot bag you can store 16 stacks of flasks. Whereas to store their mats (16x5=80 stacks) you'd need more than 2 36 slot herb bags.

For hp/mp pots you have 1 hp = 1 herb + 1 vial, those do indeed break even if you don't count vials. Mana however creates 2 mp pots = 3 herbs (different) + 2 vials. Two stacks of mana pots = 3 stacks of herbs + 2 stacks of vials. Discounting the vials and taking advantage of herb bags you can get a (bit) ahead there if you store raw mats

Also, how about a consumables bag that accepts pots, cooked food, drinks, mage food, bandages? Aimed at our consumers rather than the crafters themselves. (Though it would be an excellent cooking / alchemy bag as well for those who store the end product)

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