Frostmourne Problems

hey im fluxiqt i play a undead hunter level 90 on frostmourne i gave been having some problems i get deserter when i join a battle ground then get kicked it says transfer aborted and if i do get into a arena/bg when i go to leave it when its over i dc and have to wait hours to get back onto my realm
i would like to get a free toon transfer i have paid for countless transfers my last one was from jubie thos to frostmourne i would like to get a transfer back to jubie for free i paid to come to this realm so i think it is right i atleast get a free transfer back to my recent realm i do not want to go to a realm like gundrak
please consider it and check my transaction history thank you blizzard.
sorry for the bad typing/spelling and such
Have you opened a ticket? I don't think Blizzard really spends time looking at the Frostmourne forums. I hope your problem gets fixed though.
Pretty sure they have free transfers to Gundrak, otherwise pay.

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