Hunter Looking for Guild

Area 52
Have been playing WOW since it was first released (with the exception of 2 x year long breaks for the sake of school). I decided to return for MOP now that school is over and done with.

I switched to Area 52 due to proximity of the data centre and the fact it shares the same time zone I live in (last server was two hours behind and it made for late raids).

I'm a casual raider, and competent hunter. I have been a officer in previous guilds, largely responsible for helping new players and managing the guild bank (keeping it stocked for the guild).

I love keeping on top of my class and do a great deal of reading on hunter sites so I can maximize dps and understand changes as they happen.

I will raid until midnight server time (possibly later on weekends) and would like to do so as much as possible, however I do travel out of town at least once a month so won't be available when I do.

I'm looking for a mature, friendly, and established guild to play with. Send me mail in game if I sound like a good fit and we can talk!

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