Put Numbers for Boss Down here, Monks Winning

Currently Raid ready gear (IL464) raiding for first time tonight. (10/3/12)
Sta -13351. Int - 11558. Spi - 6886. Haste - 7.36. Mastery - 16.05.
Stat Priority. Intel > Spirit > Haste > Mastery.
My stat priority might change to Spirit then Intel based on tonights raid and feel of mana.

I want to express my complete satisfaction in the ability of Holy Priests in Heroic MOP content. When i hit 90 2 days after MOP release i went with two other guildies who were tailors to the tailor vendor and between the three of us bought every slot cloth spirit pvp gear, IL 450. I then obtained the required IL for heroics in about 10 minutes after hitting 90.

This is where the fun happened. I got to do Heroic dungeon content in MOP.
First dungeon did not go so well, i tried to heal like i did in Cata, it did not work. I went OOM over and over, plus my HPS (Health Per a Second) was sitting at 12k. I was hitting 25-30k hps in cata heroic content Dragin Soul. I knew something was wrong. I then decided to use the one spell i hated most of all Holy Priest spells "Renew", since reading in the forums everything was pointed that way.

The sad but happy story of Renew then began. it took 1-2 dungeons to get used to using the Holy Word Serenity's Renew mechanic. I then found a renewed love for the plain Heal, which was my most used spell in Vanilla, and the chakra spell Serenity. Those two spells combined with Renew and the mechanic of Chakra Serenity were putting my numbers around 25k hps and i was not OOming. Also i was using my Shadowfiend on the 1 minute CD and it should always be used on CD even during trash.Keep in mind that i may have 1 piece of Heroic gear at this point but mainly IL 450 PVP gear.

Felt like all right i got single + meelee target down with that. Then i was OOMing on AOE Healing and then i find the best combonation ever for AOE heal and mana efficiency. As your healing you allready should have renew up on tank and i usually keep one up on the meelee in group too. So after those are refreshed and everyone needs heals spam Renew on the other three chars in group. Then hit Cascade, as it heals ur entire group it also refreshes Renew. This combonation can heal about 200-250k in 5 seconds to ur entire group and costs very minimal mana. Now Cascade is on a 30 sec CD, which means you need to use it at the right moment in the AOE damage coming out. Think of it as your O shoot the entire group is at or under halfway, hit that combo. That was my wonderful solution to AOE heals. With this combonation being used i never OOMed and was using my Shadow Fiend only on bosses. Still in 450 IL PVP gear.

At this point i was comfortable after about 4-6 runs and was now fine tuning this strat and getting gear ready for MOP raid. Jump into the future where i am at now. I am now running heroic dungeons and dont use any mana CD's at all and never OOM. I can even use PoM now with the extra mana and an occasional Prayer of Healing. I am feeling very comfortable about the Holy Priest and well i have done a couple of the world bosses and sat at 1st on healing meters with a nice gap, other than the occasional Druid who knows how to heal who puts me at second, but not by much.

I hope this helps those that are learning, i kind of explained my thought process on the whole progression to raid ready healing. I am curious how my mana will hold up in raids tonight and might repost my raid thoughts, but i am writing this because servers are down atm. Spirit or Intel we will see.

Da Fish
The title is misleading. It should ready "Holy priests can heal heroics just fine" or Heroics are easy to heal as a holy priest." Aside from a world raid boss, you haven't done any raids and don't know what it is like healing as holy in a raid environment for you to say it is OP.
For everything i have done so far it has been OP, and i state clearly i dont know yet, my raid is tonight. I will edit to fit what i learn in raid.
Aside from a world raid boss, you haven't done any raids and don't know what it is like healing as holy in a raid environment for you to say it is EFFECTIVE.

If I were to make a prediction, Judging from Dragon Soul, shamans will be best again.
10/03/2012 11:14 AMPosted by Babilla
Aside from a world raid boss, you haven't done any raids and don't know what it is like healing as holy in a raid environment for you to say it is EFFECTIVE.

If I were to make a prediction, Judging from Dragon Soul, shamans will be best again.

If we are using the world boss as an example, I'd say shaman and pally are head to head up there.
Thus far my priest is struggling to keep up in terms of heals. Rshamans have it easy.
5.0.5. hot-fixed ability to queue for normal versions of the dungeon.
You... you weren't using the renew/serenity chakra combination in Cata? What were you doing? How were you healing? o_o
The last thing we need is a Holy Priest claiming their spec is overpowered. :/ 5-mans should, in no way, be used as any sort of testing grounds for how well or poorly a spec is doing overall. Nor, for that matter, should world bosses.

Also, Heal, Renew and HW:Serenity were the three bread and butter spells of any priest gearing up in Cata heroics. Figuring it out an expansion later makes me wonder just how you were healing in Cata.
I used, PoH/circle of healing/PoM/chakra AOE heal. Thas AOE heal rotation.
I used greater heal/PoM(glyphed)/ and power sheild for o shoot moments. Thas single target rotation.
I was the raid heals priority, and covered tank when needed.

Used this to down H deathwing at 15% nerf. Averaged top HPS for raid and held around 35k hps.
So you basically tried to heal MoP 5-mans like you were healing Cata raids?

I can sit and never go oom in 5-mans as Discipline without using any mana cooldowns, barring any spectacular failures on the tank/dps' parts. I've heard the same from every other healing spec. It means one thing: when played correctly, and when people aren't being terrible, healers are going to do well in heroics. Why? Heroics, save for Shado-Pan, are exceedingly easy.

If you'd like to go do a few challenge mode runs and can say the same thing, Flounder, I urge you to do so. If you can't, I ask that you change your title to better reflect the truth: Holy Priests are strong in 5-mans when played correctly.
OP...you mean, over protective? Over protective motherly figures who want to make sure all their raid kiddies are safe and healed up?

Yes yes, this makes more sense to me.
Here are some more heroic numbers.
I can maintain 30k hps using no mana cds.
I can maintain 40k hps using mana cds.
I can go up to 50k hps but oom after 2-3 mins.
This is all heroic dungeon numbers.
heroics are a joke, i go shade for most boss fights and just off heal
TL;DR version- Cascade counts as a direct heal for refreshing Renew.

And that is good to know.
Boss 1 down in mogoshaun vaults.
Druid - 47k hps, 31.9% overall heals.
Me - 43k hps, 28.8% overall heals.
Shaman - 20k hps, 13.8% overall heals.

37% of my heals are renew.
12% of heals are Circle of healing.
8% are echo of light.

Those are the numbers. Like i said The only chance of more op heals is Druid and i hate renew but it works for mana. Was a little oom at end, but we did it.
Just fyi, Renew is no longer buffed by Sanctuary.

Also, just finished Stone Guardian. I was anywhere between 38k and 43k, with the final being 38k.

On our kill, top 5:

Monk -- 56.8k (26.3 million healing -- 30% overhealing)
Druid -- 46k (21.2 million healing -- 23% OH)
Paladin -- 43.2k (17.6 million -- 23% OH)
Me -- 38.4k (17.4 million -- 36% OH, mostly Cascade/EoL)
Druid -- 36.9k (16.1 million, 25% OH)

We had another two below those, one a druid, the other Disc.

Monks are by far the most powerful. Druids are running second. Paladins seem roughly equal to Holy Priests. Discs are well below anything else.

And, honestly, I'd be willing to bet your Shaman is just terrible.

So, no, HPriests are not overpowered.
I agree Elethia, i am changin the title of the thread, to "H Priests have potential, bow to Monks".
I will say though H priests are real good at what they do and i will continue to post numbers on my H Priest fights 10 man.
I welcome others to post there numbers because numbers are how we learn.

Might i add, in two weeks i am rolling Monk in raid. Hehe

Dat Fish
I'll throw my two cents in for Disc being an abomination of a spec. I was under the impression that Disc was the raiding spec this expansion, but it doesn't have near the numbers to back it up. Shields backed by up to 30% mastery are typically gone in the GCD that it takes to cast them, rendering them pointless over raw numbers and passive regenerative effects that Holy has plenty of.

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