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Quest: Shocking!

The Catch rate for the Dojani Eel seems WAY too low. I had 39 casts to catch 7. Someone needs to restock the stream. That took way too long for a simple daily quest
It didn't seem that excessive to me. A little longer than the fishing dailies in SW, etc....where you actually fish...but not a whole lot. Considering you get 5 VPs and catch fish good for other stuff makes up for it imo.
not excessive? wanna try 3 and a half hours later and still 6/7 Donjani eel. i started out at 75 fishing skill level and i'm now at 232 atm. prolly the worse single daily quest, ever. plz fix or increase rate or something. seriously.
It is incredibly painful. Makes no sense this daily takes 20+ minutes when the others take less than 5.
Have to agree here. This is far worse than looking for Terrorfish in Wintergrasp. At least there was random PvP to spice that up.
I abandoned the quest at 3/7 after 20 mins.
Are you guys finding that you're catching a lot of greys while doing this quest?
Even at 600 Fishing this quest can take upwards of 20 minutes.

Every other Anglers daily is quick and takes under five minutes. Please make the catch rate on eels higher. This is the worst fishing quest in the game by far.
i started this quest at 1 skill level. im at 116 and have 3.

from what ive noticed, i only catch an eel when i also catch a fish. i do not catch eels when i catch junk. this does not mean an eel will drop with every fish though.

so the higher your fishing skill, the higher the chance of catching a fish and an eel with it.

even at 600 it seems to take around 20 minutes. if youre starting with a low fishing level, expect several hours.
day two skill at 200 only 3 eels. tons of salmon, carp, even crates.... 2 days ??? even I am tired of it .
Agreed, doesn't seem worth it.
Maybe people should try getting to the fishing skill cap for the zone so they stop catching junk.

Which is 700 fishing skill for Krasarang Wilds.
Maybe people should try getting to the fishing skill cap for the zone so they stop catching junk.

Which is 700 fishing skill for Krasarang Wilds.

700? All professions are capped at 600 in mists, bro.

And you get above that cap via the Fishing Hat, special fishing poles, lures, glove enchant, etc. Fishing has worked this way since...well, forever. Why do you think they offer these items in the daily fishing bags, especially ones such as the glow worm?
11/22/2012 09:39 AMPosted by Kalorea
And where has it been said or proven that 700 is the cap?

From fishing repeatedly.

And it's possible to raise your Fishing skill to over 800 through various poles, lures, and other equipment.
So he was right when he stated "And where has it been said or proven that 700 is the cap" yet you say he's wrong....

Even all buffed with the pole and hat it does NOT happen any faster. Its way too low and way too long, most players are refusing to do this daily which makes it useless to the CUSTOMERS paying for the game.
I don't believe that the drop rate is bugged - you may want to bring this up as a suggestion to change in the Profession Forums, where the devs can read the post to consider it for change.

And really, there was no need to pull this thread back into the realm of the living to rant about fishing caps and throw around the term "paying customer". It really doesn't add anything of substance to a bug report thread.
Yeah, it really should be common sense that you won't catch a quest item when you catch junk. Catching junk is the equivalent of catching nothing. Way back when, each zone had a minimum fishing requirement that if you didn't have a high enough skill you couldn't even fish at all, and if you had enough fishing but were below the "cap" for that zone then you had a high chance of getting nothing but an error message saying "your fish got away". Then sometime in late Wrath they scrapped both of those ideas and just replaced it with catching junk if you were below the "cap" for the zone.

It's not documented anywhere official but then neither is 99% of the stuff about this game. Asking where has it been said/proven is like asking where it's been said/proven that you can't get a skill up from a gray crafting recipe, or that you're guaranteed a skill up from an orange crafting recipe? Or where as it been said/proven that 100 copper is 1 silver? Nowhere because it's common sense. And if you ask me it's also common sense that having a low fishing SKILL in a high level zone means you're going to have a harder time catching what you want.

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