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Simply put, I was doing some dailies in the valley of the four winds (tillers dailies) and now I seem to be stuck in combat. I tried to log off/exit game but it said I can't do that. I alt+F4ed and relogged back in and I'm still in combat. I then used my hearthstone to port to a different zone and I'm still in combat in a sanctuary location... I have no clue why this is..
Nevermind...I used the portal to dalaran in the shrine of seven stars and I'm out of combat now... :P
To bad you had to go halfway around the world to get out of combat. In the valley of the four winds if i get stucki in combat the only way i have found to get out of combat is to die. I have forced logged out (closed the process) and logged back in...still in combat. I have ran all the way across the valley on foot because i can't mount while in combat but still this damn problem persists....sigh...deep breaths....yeah it is starting to get very annoying. It does not happen all the time but enough to be very aggrevating especially when the mob i was in combat with is dead and there are none anywhere close enough to be in combat with.

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