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Guild Recruitment
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Updated OP with current class needs.
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Hi, me and my friend "Hughmad"

Recently have recently left our guild on thaurissan because of the guild leader being a !*!*@!*% lol. I'm a ret paladin and hes a s/disc priest. We are both very good players with great raiding experience and current gear. If you are interested in us please let me know :)

Battle tag: mvpmichal#1168
Hey, Mcmukal. Right now, we're still forming our 25-man roster, so we're looking for exceptional players. If you're interested, check out our website to see if we're a fit for you and your friend, and if we are, you can fill out an application.

Also, happy turkey weekend to my fellow Canadian gamers :D
After a huge influx of healer applications, I've updated our top post with our current needs. As stated above, we won't turn away quality applicants, but we're bursting at the seams with healers right now.
Bump! Updated OP again.
Still looking for an Elemental or Enhancement Shaman and a Hunter.
Bump for our Stone Guard kill, putting us at 1/6 in MSV, and very close to a Feng kill. Still looking for an Ele/Enh Shaman and a Hunter to round out our roster.
Still looking for a Hunter, EleSham and/or EnhSham.
Updated our OP with current class needs and progression. Currently looking for a Boomkin and Enhancement Shaman.
What a night! Spiritbinder and Spirit Kings dead, putting us at 4/6N.
Yay for Heart of Fear release! More bosses!
Updated OP to reflect our current needs.
Bump. Keep in mind we will consider applications from classes not listed in our Class Needs section of the original post. We never turn away quality raiders.

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