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What are you prot flag carriers planning on gemming .... all resilience....what about serpent eye gems? I did not see a serpents eye gem for jcers that gave resilience will you forget about the added gem bonus on these two cuts or will you go with stamina or mastery ?
Resilience everywhere except where you get more resilience by matching a socket bonus with a hybrid gem. I.e. red socket with a +30 resilience socket bonus. Resil are yellow, so you gain 10 resil by ignoring the socket entirely, but with 20 resil/20 strength, for example, you end up with 50 resilience.

For the Serpent's Eye thing, I'd say it's probably not worth it to use them unless the Stamina one is very significant. Three more +320 resilience gems, a total of 960 resilience, is better than another 5kish health.

Mastery is good but useless against casters. (They really should make Shield Barrier scale with Mastery for this reason.)
serpent's eye gems are 480 mastery or 480 stamina
10/03/2012 03:19 PMPosted by Chòpper
serpent's eye gems are 480 mastery or 480 stamina

But Mastery shares a color with Resilience, so to gem Mastery, ever, you sacrifice resil. I sincerely doubt the 1440 Mastery (which is not that much in actual block chance conversions, only about 3-4%) is worth 980 resil which is something like 3% overall damage reduction.

480 stamina per gem x 3 gems gives a Prot Warrior 23k more health. That's one special attack from basically any class.

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