Flayer spell-reflecting this...Hilarious bug.

Pet Battles
You know when Dragonkin do that move where they fly up in the air and get ready to dive-bomb you on the next turn? If a Flayer Hatchling spell-reflects that, it will cause the Flayer to fly up in the air as well. Only...sometimes they stay in the air.
For the rest of the entire match.
Almost all attacks will miss them, though some hit for reasons I don't understand.
Buggy and needs to be fixed, but hilarious.
Poison spit on the spider can hit a flying Pet.
mechanicals can die, and come back to life, but stay dead.

win dead gnome running around buidling turrets and healing to 100% life, all while laying on the ground.
Discovered flayers can do the same thing with Burrow. They stay underground for the entire match; can only be hit by other things that are underground.

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