[Bugs/QoL changes] A fistful of problems

Pet Battles
So I've been merrily chugging along capturing everything in the interests of getting Venus and the Jade Tentacle. For the most part I've been delighted by the pet battle system and have totally delayed leveling in order to get PETS PETS PETS.

However, there's been some issues unrelated to battle mechanics that I've been running into that make the whole experience both more interesting and more frustrating.

1. Polymorphic wild pets. For the most part, if you capture a wild pet with multiple skins that's got a certain skin, it will retain that skin whenever you summon it, whether for hanging out or for battle. However, there's at least a handful of polymorphic species that either ALL default back to a single skin on capture, have a different skin every time they're summoned, or produce occasional individuals who have this behavior. This is incredibly frustrating in large part because there's some specific skins that I'm interested in having just as companion pets, so having them randomly revert to another skin--and NOT the color I captured--is maddening.

The pet species I've noticed doing this:
Parrot: All parrots revert to the sulfur-crested cockatoo (white with yellow) skin on capture.
Lizard Hatchling: Some lizard hatchlings default to the white skin on capture. Some change colors every time they're summoned. Some keep the colors they were captured with.
Spiny Lizard: Same problem as Lizard Hatchling.
Horny Toad: Same problem as Lizard Hatchling.
Small Frog: Some small frogs switch skins every time they're summoned.
Beetle: Some beetles revert to the gray and red skin on capture.

2. Non-unique quest pets. While I understand the desire to encourage people to do quests that reward pets in order to get those pets--rather than purchasing those pets off the AH--it was immensely frustrating to open my pet journal after the merge and discover I had six Gold Mini Jousters and four Blue Mini Jousters that I couldn't do anything with except delete. It seems much more reasonable to me that all quest pets that can't be caged simply be designated unique, so we don't end up with four Panther Cubs and eighteen Westfall Chickens that we can't do anything with.

Pets showing this behavior:
Gold/Blue Mini Jouster
Curious Oracle Hatchling
Curious Wolvar Pup
Westfall Chicken
Mechanical Chicken (especially odd that this can't be caged, since the quest reward is BoE to begin with)
Panther Cub
Lashtail Hatchling
Singing Sunflower
Tiny Flamefly
Creepy Crate

3. Some flying companions appear to have forgotten how to fly. Unfortunately I can't isolate which exact pets do this or when, though I know that attempting to summon a companion pet that used to be able to fly while as a passenger on a flying vehicle results in it falling to the ground and despawning like a non-flying pet. However, I am pretty sure this "bug" has existed since Wrath changes that allowed a bunch of companion pets to fly; while they could follow you as long as you were on your OWN flying mount, flying vehicles like the drakes in the Occulus resulted in them forgetting how to fly.

The newer bug involves some pets that could fly just fine (Gryphon Hatchling, Windrider Cub) no longer remembering they've got that ability, so they no longer follow the player on a flying mount.


4. Pet naming confusion. The current maximum length for custom battle pet names is sixteen characters. The only other characters permitted in pet names aside from regular letters (and some accented characters) are spaces. However, the default names for a number of pets contain apostrophes, hyphens, and periods--and can run on as long as 34 characters (De-Weaponized Mechanical Companion, anyone?) or longer. Further, while--as a hunter--I've been long-used to the "reserved/not permitted" name filter that prevents the use of a number of common, NPC, and copyrighted names, there seems to be some new additions to that list that make attempting to name pets kind of a crap-shoot. One specific exclusion that I've found really puzzling is the word "Mister", including its abbreviation "Mr", being a restricted word and therefore not available for use.

Is there any possibility these naming restrictions could be relaxed slightly, or the exclusion criteria for names explained in more detail?

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