Bleeding Hollow
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10/08/2012 09:13 AMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle
Bizzle still needs his 4 years to turn things around...

Y u no fix economy?!?

Y u no fix job crisis?!?

Y u spend so much time campaigning when you should be working?!?
And going
So much hate for one person.

Doesnt it seem unhealthy?
At first I wasn't sure about this bizzle guy. But he brings me many lolz. I would def have a beer with this dude lol
10/08/2012 10:18 AMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle
@OP yeah I change my original response on page one. I am a good player. Who the !@#$ are you again? A nobody trying to be somebody by making a post about YoungBizzleGanG lol 6 Pages later and youre right were you started. You are pathetic. Post a pic in the other thread so i can really embarrass your dumb %^-.

10/08/2012 03:51 PMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle


Dont think its gonna happen man *sigh*
It must really suck to have to tuck your tail in between your legs in an online video game.

I'm not sure if your stupid or just too dense to notice I've posted a picture in the other thread not once, but twice
skype me bro

I'm not sure if your stupid or just too dense to notice I've posted a picture in the other thread not once, but twice

I was talking about the OP. I dont see why youre gettin your panties inna bunch unless thats you. Why you wanna skype for? Im on the phone wit my b!tch atm

Your a slow one aren't you. I'm the op you imbecile
10/08/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Yøùñgßîzzle

Look lil homie. You like 16. You dont even play this game. You in some basketball shorts and some $2.99 sun glasses on a family vacation so imma leave you alone lmao. Nothing against the ginger peoples but you my friend have no soul lol. Seriously I cant even fully troll you like I'd like to. I feel like you pretty much did my job for me by posting this pic lol Dismiss yourself or brag about your achievements on a game that you dont even play but spend $15 a month to play. Whatever man lol you got it lmao.
Something tells me that you arent the social butterfly you try to portray yourself as, if youre on WoW forums crying for attention. Wait, werent you in the other thread talking about you sent a message to one of your IRL friend's crushes telling him he likes her? You playin kiddie games screamin for attention so here you go. I dont even know why you got a paragraph out of me to be honest, meh. I'll blame the rambling on the Adderall but let me get back to my homework lil homie. Go do some push ups or something & getcha chest up. Remember when you talkin to the b!tches, its all about the game baby. Now there you have your 15 seconds of fame. You are dismissed pheasant. Dont ever say Bizzle aint never do nuffn for you & my skype is neek.grizzy if you want some more tips on piccn up b!tches.


My bad on the wardrobe bro. Didnt feel like carrying my suit around Europe with me for 4 months. And I'm a ginger? News to me. Looks like I'll have to go get a new passport then since it says blond

I find the underlined part rather ironic for you to say and let me assure you I out game you with the females. And lastly, that guy isn't my real life friend. Use this link and see if you can put two and two together

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