Grand Guild Airship Support or No Support?

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10/03/2012 07:11 PMPosted by Unseen
Really before i even started this i had 76 guilds supporting me the main 4 realms each help 15 lvl 25 guilds that wanted this. The rest were scattered If i can get 100 we'll probably get this. 200 We should get it.

Ehh, it's awfully early to be saying anything like that.

Really, don't start setting expectations based on assumptions. You don't know what's Blizzard's planning, and they might not ever even consider this worthwhile at all.

Well my ticket i sent to blizzard before who im working with the game masters said if it get alot like 200 guilds they will do it.
So, basically guild housing.

Yeah, it sounds cool, but it's not really a novel idea.
Some Guild housing i wanted more pvp. Personally cannon fire makes me rush. So i mixed it with help of 50 members.
I really like the Idea, I think it would be a fun way to meet alot of people in the game to be able to quest with. And a great way for guild to earn money :)
Anyone else have some good comments or ideas on this?
Eh, nice idea, but I'd rather they do more with Tiller Housing first. Not everyone is in a guild.
I like this.

A lot. And I had been against guild halls......
So if guild halls have all the convinces of a capital city, why would I go to Stormwind or S7S?
Something that requires a huge development effort that only a tiny fraction of players will have access to? I'll pass.
id rather just have the good guild perks back. like chug a lug, and hgwt, or the good fast and the dead. those would be far nicer than a guild airship
While in concept it is a cool idea, it opens a huge can of code worms. Not going to happen.
What WOULD be feasible would be akin to what Asheron's Call had with their cheap housing. You would have a portal to your guild home which would be a building in a small PVP zone sized instance. Guild rank would dictate the size of the building. Mailboxes, forge, trades people, AH interface, etc as either purchasable items to soak up gold in the economy or as guild perks. You could have NPC's in the major cities who give Guild dailies that build points towards buying/ upgrading the Guild Hall. Since it is an instance created off of the main realm, it would be no more difficult than a PVP or Scenario or Dungeon instance, of which hundreds spawn at a time.
Ok, @Astasia: Yes i know people want cities and stuff. That's why i said it holds a guild bank an auction house, a guild vendor, a small kitchen, and 2 quest people so they can be there a little but the city is the bigger place where still players need to go for armor, pvp gear, Justice gear, transmogs, trainers, personal banks and stuff. Trust me i like cities but i also like being with my guild. The Guildmaster has to be on board for people to be allowed on. So i like being in the city and sometimes on the ship in a Different zone! As well this is a big thing for guild meetings take away the pvp and your stuck with just a little hang out for members that are 90 and don't want to be in the city or like i said Meetings.
@Lidelse: Ok i understand you want that even i wish i had chug and lug back and mass summoning but ehh they took it out and we cant do anything about it some players may not want it some do. I personally want it back and i want this.
@Vekter: Who mentioned guild halls? Me guild halls would not be that fun because its like a city which blizzard doesn't want. This is not a city.
@Valtirian: I don't understand why you brought it up about guild halls but I'm not trying to bring up a small city if you see in this response i am just trying to bring a small meeting place and where members can meet up then leave.
Well A game master said they'll deliver the idea to the game develepors today hopefully we get this next patch. Woot and Thank You guys
I have talked about this before too. I would love to see these. One thing I would add though would be a big old Guild Emblem on the sides of the ships envelope. Something that is debatable is which NPCs to have onboard. IMO it shouldn't have an AH. Guild Bank? Meh. I can see reasons for inclusion/exclusion of them. Mechanic and reagent vendor seems standard issue. I suppose it will have to be phased. Otherwise after a while the skies over SW/Org will be darkend by fleets of them. But then again, maybe not. After all, how many guild masters are on at any one time? Which leads to another question. Should it just be guild masters that can summon them? Or should it be like deciding who gets access to the bank tabs? I think it should only be possible to assign the privilage to two or three guild members. Captain - Commander - First Mate or somesuch. Other posts I've read go into detail about the aquisition of the ship. I personally prefer the more complex ones. The ones that require the completion of herculean guild achievements and mountains of gold. I would also like to see it paired with an epicly long quest chain reminiscent of the old Opening the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. Gathering supplies and materials and craftsmen for the various parts of construction. (Going over all this it occurs to me this would also be a great plan for a guild sea ship too!) The major question is the travel mode. Is it free flight or point to point. If its free flight, how do you handle intercontinental travel? Point to Point would be easiest(for airship and sea ship). Just add a guild dock at each harbor city. Free flight is a problem. You can see how it's not as simple as 1,2,3 to implement. I believe it would be entirely worth it though. This game needs more flavor and less "Here is 8 more dungeons. Here is 4 more raids" ad nauseam.
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