Haste Vs Mastery Enhancement PvP

I'm getting into the part of gearing where I have to make choices in armor pieces, gems and enchants. Up to this point I've been stacking haste, but I keep seeing conflicting information regarding wether enhancement shaman should be stacking haste or masteryin M.o.P.

So, is the verdict out on this yet?
Depends on your talent choices...
For most of them, I'd go for mastery.
With the recent buff to flurry, either is viable. There are only slight differences with each, but be careful in choosing. If you decide to go with haste, which has great uptime and would work very well with windsong enchant, you should also consider ancestral swiftness v.s. echo of the elements. AS gives you passive 5% haste bonus, while Echo gives you 30% proc rate to deal double your direct damage or healing. I'd go AS with haste and Echo with mastery. There are clear benefits to each, just go with whatever you feel is best for your playstyle.
I've found haste to be more useful. In terms of damage, they're pretty equal. In terms of maelstrom procs to heal, lower GCD's to do more stuff, haste is more useful.
Ill be going Agil>Mastry>Haste>Crit as Dalmon also put it.
Go to YouTube and check out videos by hubarrage. He has lots of videos, many describing the importance of haste. All are informative and fun to watch.

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