Tradeskillmaster problems

I have been having serious problems with tradeskillmaster since the expac launched. I can only queue recipes that I have learned since the expansion. This is really killing my glyph trade. I have updated the addon several times, scanned the ah as well as my profession list and looked at everything I can think of but I can not get it to work right. Any help would be greaty appreciated.
Also I no longer have the destroyer, did they remove it?
open the TSM menu(/tsm) and click inscription at the bottom and hit "force rescan of proffesion" in the middle.

if its still doing it on the left side goto the categories and make sure its set to craft everything.

The other thing that could possibly be happening is that the inks might not be on the AH so it cant calculate cost so it doesn't think they are profitable.
I have done the force rescan and cant find any settings that would be doing this.

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