A<ONE PIECE>25m Azuremyst Heal & RDPS

Guild Recruitment
(A)<ONE PIECE> is a 25 man semi casual raiding guild on US Azuremyst.

We are looking for long term stable players.

At this time we have a need for a Heal and a Ranged DPS.

We raid 3 nights a week from 6pm pacific standard time till 930pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We take our raiding serious but no longer are gunning to be in top progression. We did the 6 night a week thing for a while but that's just a burn out :p We want to raid but it also needs to be fun!

We have been around since the beginning of Vanilla and have had the same GM the entire time. Most of our membership have been in the guild for years. We even have real life “guild raid” meet ups!
We all play other games together such as SC D3 and LoL. We are geeks dorks and pervs and the majority of us are adult professionals.

If you are interested our website is onepieceguild.com

Flakes, greedy selfish f#$%s and drama queens need not apply.
so did anyone actually watch the debate tonight?
The questions I would have asked were not asked :p
Bump for you all. I used to raid back in the day with some peeps in another guild - it went by Fictional/Liberated, (Morcego, Belicit). Hope you all are doing well over there.
Sodow, Lindn and Selvon are still raiding away with us! Bel still plays but not raiding at this time
So any of the old liberated people over in that guild with you?

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