Some thoughts on Pet Battles

Pet Battles
TLDR: Leveling pets is a grind.

It takes a lot of time to level your pets. If you are battling wild pets the same level, it takes 8 to 12 encounters to level a pet. That's about 3 to 4 mins an encounter. And then there is the time you spend running around looking for the encounters.

The best method for leveling I've found is to have one or two pets that can handle a <Pet Tamer> during the Battle Pet Tamers quests. Have a lower level pets in the battle for a single round and clean up the encounter with the pets who can take the tamer down. Repeat.

Is this ideal? Is this fun? I don't think so. It's a grind.

Here are some ideas

1) Encounters of the same level pets should grant more XP. This would be a direct way to reduce the grind a little bit, as your pets would level more while you are collecting pets.

2) Give an XP bonus for Pet Families. Have a high level Beast? All your lower level Beasts could get an XP bonus for being in the same battle.

3) Give some XP for dead pets when you win an encounter. (even 1/10th the XP would help.) This would let you bring lower level pets into higher level areas, using pet-teamwork to down larger foes, and those that sacrifice themselves to win the battle get some XP.

Also, when I just logged in today, the <Stable Master> pet revive was on CD. (as well as my spell.) If I log off for the night, I would expect I should be able to revive my pets as soon as I log on the next evening, however, I had to wait for the cooldown.
I caught 80% of them in a little under 2 days (or say...less than 20 hours played) If it was simply a case of catching them, then the feature would be over just like that.

Slight exp increase, exp for pets on the backline (or mechanics to enable this to be unlocked) or the ability to gain exp from a loss (only far far less) might aid the situation, it's a solid recommendation.

The CD should be seperate for each character, or nonexistent. Or we could have our own wowk'emon center pet/mount that makes hilarious references when we summon it while grinding in an area?

A lot of thought has gone into this system, but it's really only in its beginning, in time it'll be more streamlined and generally easier to make useful access to. I hope.
Absolutely agree with you 100%.

My suggestion to fix this glaring flaw in the game is to give us back the ability to challenge all pet tamers as many times as we want. The XP gain from beating another tamer feels like exactly the amount we should be receiving from all battles, and still has challenge and fun to it.

Grinding random pets out in the field for a pittance of XP is awful.
The leveling curve should *eventually* get easier, but we're only a week into the game right now. If it's made too trivial too quickly, it'll burn out the system in no time. For now, I find there's a nice synergy between leveling pets and looking for rares.

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