Is this a flying mount?

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I'm looking to get a flying mount that can hold at least 2 people (including myself)
I found this one
Not sure if it flys or not.
If it doesn't can someone please tell me a cheap one that can
(sorry if im not allowed to post external links)
Mammoths can't fly... so no, that's not a flying mount.

The only flying multi-person mounts that I know of are:

- Sandstone Drake (learned from Vial of the Sands, created by Alchemy)

- X-53 Rocket (no longer obtainable)

- Obsidian Nightwing (obtained from the Recruit a Friend promotion)

If there are some new ones that I didn't list here, let me know. :3 Otherwise those are the only ones I'm aware of.
Got Vial of the Sands for 22k :D

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