TM Recruiting 470+ iLevel DPS - Top 10 US

Guild Recruitment
TLDR: TM is a hardcore raiding guild located on Zul'jin horde side. We are looking for only the most talented players in the US. If you are looking for a very hardcore guild to push cutting edge progression in, look no further.


Mission Statement: Team Malice was founded on August 20, 2011 with one goal in mind; that goal was to become one of the best guilds in the US. Since the creation of the guild, many necessary but hard steps have been taken and made to reach this goal. As a guild we act as one unit backed by a single but common driving force among us all: a love for World of Warcraft.

Expectations: Our expectations are short, sweet, and simple. First, you must be a capable player. Second, you must be willing to follow orders no matter how strongly you feel against it. While at times this may be a lot to ask, it is a necessary requirement for our guild to be successful. Finally, and most importantly, you must be willing to put the guild before yourself. In the end, we are only as strong as our weakest member, and selfishness and self-righteousness will always come in the way of our progress.

Leadership: Leadership is one of the biggest driving factors in TM. While we take a lot of pride in our play as an entire guild, leadership in TM sets us apart from anything else. Everybody in TM is a leader because we are all seen at the same level. You will NEVER find anybody who is exempt from being called out or admitting mistakes. We have select people who make the tough calls, but as a whole, TM leads itself.

High Recruitment Needs:
Mage - Medium
Warlock - Medium
Shadow Priest - Low
Boomkin - HIGH
Rogue - HIGH
Death Knight - HIGH

Raiding Schedule:
Tuesday 8:00-12:00 EST
Wednesday 8:00-12:00 EST
Thursday 8:00-12:00 EST
Sunday 8:00-12:00 EST
Monday 8:00-12:00 EST

Contact Information:
GM Sean:
Officer Rab:
Yolo swag
Rack City
Contact me or Sohvia in game!
Contact Sohvia in game! He is online now!
Massive army of nerds looking for more to lightning bolt dragons to death pst
Please contact us asap
looking for big boys and gals to run some roics next week
yolo swag yolo
Yolo Swag- Nicoda ft. Leylin
I beez in the trap, bee, beez in the trap.
Bump for talented players of all classes!
Snow White
Mickey Mouse

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