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Pet Battles
The collecting process is pretty fun. It reminds me why I liked pokemon as a kid. The search for rare ones sort of makes up the difference for not hoping for a rare type to spawn. (only thing that seems to be "rare" is minfernals, and even those aren't bad because they seem to usually come in swarms) It feeds the collector in me in ways that buying pets doesn't.

I really don't mind the grind to level pets. This is meant to be a time-waster, and while it makes it nearly impossible to level everything... do you really need 4 kinds of squirrels at level 25 with identical abilities? We will have our favorites (or our gifts) and we will level those.

Pet battles... can be pretty hit or miss...
Mostly because of the absurdly high chance for things to miss (or be dodged).
I'm in the process of grinding out the NPC pet masters with level 25 teams, and it has become inherently obvious that at that level, the game is entirely luck.

Do they dodge an important ability? (you're probably hosed) Did they dodge another hit? (you're almost certainly hosed) Did they get any other dodge/miss or even crit now without you getting any back, you're done, gg, you've lost, stop trying.

You can build a perfect team against a pet master, but when you can't land hits, it really doesn't matter. This is slightly rage inducing, because it removes any sense that one has control over the fights. I know this is not Arena, but the sense of randomness can quickly remove the fun value.

Back to the pokemon mentioned earlier, one is quickly reminded why the majority of those abilities had 100% base hit chance, and that miss chance was a penalty either for junky abilities, or a tradeoff for power. With pet battles, you can have large nuke abilities, like deep breath, or surge of power, that not only have a recharge time, they can miss. Never mind apocalypse.
I absolutely agree, as someone who does a lot of competitive pokemon battling (in which the term for getting totally screwed over by statistical chance is "HAX") it is infuriating. I'm honestly disappointed that Blizzard doesn't seem very interested in really making it a competitive power house. I understand this seems like a silly thing to say, seeing as we're talking about WoW pets, but pokemon has been proving for YEARS that you can make a really deep, competitive system that still applies to casual players. There is the collection aspect, which is universally applicable and pretty addictive, then there is the battling, where everyone, casual and hardcore alike would benefit from a more airtight/predictable system as well as a deeper move pool.

tl;dr: I haven't given up hope that blizzard will cater to the people who want to take battling seriously, but I'm fearful that they'll continue to expand on the wrong aspect to cater to the lowest common denominator.

Edit: Just lost an even leveled fight having only landed a single hit. This is absurd. The reason pokemon is such a strong system is because it relying on the player to manipulate and predict in a system of hard counters. The more I play pet battles, the more disappointed I get.

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