Do I Purify Light Stagger?

Or do I only use the chi for stagger when it is above light?
Generally a Light Stagger won't hurt you much. But, assuming there is a lull i combat. Or a phase change, I'd go ahead and purity it.
Ok thank you orcer
10/04/2012 03:03 AMPosted by Anonumos
Or do I only use the chi for stagger when it is above light?

Purify when you don't have to use the chi on Guard or blackout kick. Don't pay attention to the color of the stagger debuff; it's meaningless.
Ah Ok I see i didn't know it was meaningless thanks.
Its not meaningless. The color does actually mean something.
Green: This is alright
Yellow: Getting a bit rough
10/04/2012 06:21 AMPosted by Kirin
Its not meaningless. The color does actually mean something.

Ya, but it doesn't mean much. A green stagger can still be a 100k dot.
You need to pay attention to the dmg as a whole and not the color of the icon. They work on percentages, so as your health pool goes up, so does the amount of damage that you can stagger before transitioning to a moderate or heavy stage.

I have personally seen 14k stagger ticks while in Light. If I didn't purify that, you are looking at 100k+ dmg overall as obviously some would fall off as it counts down. That is a ton of damage not to purify.
Use a mod to actually track the amount of damage in the stagger pool... in heroics, while not necessary, I will usually purify at about 100k, which is still in the green.

I have been raiding, and I drop anything not survivability related, I will purify in green if I have banked enough shuffle uptime, and have some spare chi.

A couple cleared 100k stacks of Stagger is more effective healing than 1 zen sphere (or other T3 ability)..
Thanks for all the help guys I understand it more now!
Why does monks have that Dbuff? jw i also play a monk
Necro, but to answer your question Brewmaster Monk tanks are unique in how we mitigate damage. In our Stance of the Ox we only take 80% of the damage mobs deal, and apply the other 20% as a DoT which stacks higher as we take more damage. As stagger damage gets higher it changes color as listed above and we want to purify it when it becomes too dangerous for us or our healers to handle. It varies by situation but is a mechanic unique to Brewmaster monks

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