You played Vanilla if... Part 2

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Since the first thread reached max posts allowed...

Being able to afford riding because you made gold with the UBRS key.

Runs to Rend 500 times to finally have Felstriker drop only to be ninja'd by a hunter.
Die endlessly at 19s twink.

They started with fiery.

Then it was crusader.

Then it was +15agi.

Then I died
people leaving dungeons for AV

AVs lasting for days

no WSG timer

The onyxia attunements RIP marshal windsor

Getting killed after leaving a low level BG because those attunement guards had cleaves


molten snore, that and if you're alliance seeing shaman loot or horde seeing pally loot.

5 minute blessings!


Hunters having lacerate


2hand enhance
You remember running to a battleground entrance.

You remember running to AV's battleground instance and still having the same AV going on.

Innverate was the final Resto Druid talent, and Hurricane was the final Balance one.

Rebirth was 30 minutes.

(For those of you who were in the 0.6 beta):

Your chat logs were locked into place.

Druids just became available. Hunters were still unavailable

The game was playable on Windows 98 SE.

The rest system allowed you to go under 100% experience gains, down to 25%
LFM UD Strat, Full on [class].

10/04/2012 03:42 AMPosted by Sledgehammer
If only my femur was BoA *Sniffs*
The day I got my Earthshaker in Molten Core was the day that EVERYBODY wanted me to join their PvP group.

I also remember having a LOT of difficulty getting into raids as a fury warrior, because back then, warriors were under LOTS of pressure to be prot.

I also remember seeing lots of PvP videos.

I miss PvP videos...
Less useful bag space on my Hunter
1 bag slot was for ammo
1 bag slot was for pet food
1 bag slot was for mats i picked up on the way to make more ammo

Getting a purple on my priest (i think it was staff of jordan) and then not rolling on anything else in that instance run because I didnt want to seem too greedy

Getting enough gold for my first mount three levels after I could get my first mount.

Sea lion form wasnt just given. You had to do two quests first.The first involved swiming around the lake in moonglade looking for a trinket before a timer expired. The second involved traveling to westfall(a nice quick trip from darn to menthil harbor - walk to ironforge - take the tram to sw and walk to westfall (picking up the fp's on the way because they were not gimmies back then)). Once you reach the coast of westfall, you needed to look for the second half of the trinket that was off the coast in water that was deep enough that you pretty much had little time to explore.
When Meeting Stones were added outside of dungeons and all the hardcore players were like "omg quit catering to casuals blizz"
You couldn't play Horde and Alliance toons on the same server

Making the ghost walk from the nelf starting area to the human starting area.

Going broke buying your lvl 40 lvl 60
Properly Seal/Judge (every 30 seconds) switch on my pally so each mob didnt take 2 minutes to kill post-50
10/04/2012 04:46 AMPosted by Dragonith
Making the ghost walk from the nelf starting area to the human starting area.

Wait...I knew wisp form was the only dead form with a speed buff in those days...but you could do this?

All the hours I wasted making the slog from Menethil to Ironforge...
You knew that feign death would actually kill you

anything grey was a dhk

tauren mill raids where great until some idiot killed a quest giver and every pvper instantly dropped group for fear of there weeks farming would be lost.
Class quests.
Walking till 40.
Going bankrupt buying the level 40 mount at level 45.
Buying your spells.
I remember naxx being the hardest raid ever, harder then any other raid that got released after that. Also the bugs, before 1.0.5ish warlocks feared people under the map, exploited that in battlegrounds, and sometimes people would just randomly fall under the map on their own too.

Oh those where the days!
Countless hours spent trying to clear MC on school nights, only to repeatedly wipe on Baron Geddon at 4 in the morning.
if you remember the fun that was rouges in 19 twink pvp and being in all twink guilds.
Dudes, the servers are up and the new Dire Maul instance is live !!!!

Having the key to UBRS on my priest , and watching the shock using it to summon Vael during the Rend encounter.

40 man raid group running through BRD to get to the Molten Core entrance.
(And wiping at the bar)

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