You played Vanilla if... Part 2

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Carrying Shaman totems in your bags.
Summoning a doomguard/infernal in a major city and watch it kill several people.
When you actually had to train your pets as a hunter
Guy in Org: oh look that guys a high warlord!

High Warlord: No sleep for months, no sunlight.... but worth it
10/04/2012 05:52 AMPosted by Pandrabullok
Carrying Shaman totems in your bags.

Still in my bank on my horde shammy
If you're still relieved that you can travel through multiple flight points without landing.

Being able to afford riding because you made gold with the UBRS key.

I logged in to say "Ever had to pay someone to unlock BRS".

Now I'll add, "You were exalted with Wildhammer Clan and then had your rep taken away from you!"
Felstriker drop only to be ninja'd by a hunter.

Impossible for a hunter to ninja that. Clearly a hunter weapon.
5 day AV
You had your level 60 friend make you a phantom blade because it looked cool on your back
you 2 shot by an enhancement shaman.
Started playing right before TBC came out, thus most of my memories are from the TBC period.

- Ret Pallies being treated like 3rd world lepers by most raid leaders

- Seal Twisting as Ret....and enjoying the bewildered reaction that I'd get from those that
frequently hated on Ret Paladins. Nothing felt better than frequently getting accused of
hacking (Auto-Hotkey, etc) by people who hated Ret Paladins, but were too stupid to
understand what Seal Twisting actually was.

- Groups actually mattering during raids
- Stacking Bloodlusts in Melee group on Brutallus
- Warrior, Shaman, Ret, 2 dual glaive Rogues....straight up domination

- Taking the port from Silvermoon to Undercity for the first time and actually believing that I had traveled to an area and was now playing in some kind of underworld. For some reason, this blew my mind for hours and hours until my buddy logged on and explained that "Undercity" had nothing to do with a secret underworld, etc.

- Trying to wrap my head around what WoW was all about and trying to understand how big the world really was.....

-While at work every single day.....having this overwhelming sense of excitement to play as I constantly thought about how much was out there that I still needed to explore and how much information I needed to absorb in order to learn how to play my class properly so I could someday join a guild and begin raiding, etc.

- Spending countless amounts of hours doing theorycrafting, usually while at work

- Before I had started raiding, seeing members from the servers top guild....especially with tier 5 & 6 shoulders, etc., and literally looking up to them like role models.

- Finally deciding that I wanted to really get into raiding and the consequent months of running heroics for badge gear so that I could apply to a decent raiding guild, etc.

- Walking into Kara for my very first raid, scared as sh*t....and soon realizing that I had absolutely no idea what actually went into raiding.

- Having no clue how the chess event worked even after clearing it for months.

- Going back to kill Gruul every single week for months and months to get Dragonspine Trophies.

- The annoying macros that everyone had to use on Vashj.

- The incredible letdown that was Mount Hyjal.

- The amount of fail witnessed when people tried to control the constructs on Gorefiend

- Shadow Resist gear for Mother Shahraz.

- Seeing and facing Illidan for the first time.

- Walking into Sunwell Plateau for the first time and having the worst case of butterflies that I
can remember

- Sunmote farming

- Muru Pre-Nerf Kill.......The single hardest, most enduring, and most rewarding boss....likely due to the thousands of attempts that were put in.

- Obtaining my first Top US guild ranking after clearing SWP with my first legit hardcore guild.....and for the first time, feeling like I had really accomplished something as a gamer.
If your toon, located on an original day-one launch server (like Elune, one of the original dirty dozen born on 11/23/04) has a properly-spelled, Real Life type name... anyone with a brain knows you had to be there the sec the server went up cuz those names are always gone instantly.


(I couldn't even get Rebecca ffs, or Michelle, on a server barely 20 mins old....)

This may not be a real life name, but definitely not easy to get either. Day 1!

Also, when achieves finally arrived in WoW, you just kinda died inside, looked at your /played time (140+ days on my Main by that point), and realized you had already done the vast majority of the crap they were now calling "'Chieves", and no freakin' way were you gonna do 'em all AGAIN...

Yeah that annoyed me too.
[quote="67939986660"]and sometimes people would just randomly fall under the map on their own too./quote]

Dude, I just randomly fell under the map yesterday.
You played vanilla if you made your first char in 8th grade and you're in your first semester in a masters program right now
Fighting a bear to learn Bear form.
Real hybrid specs.


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