Frost way more dps than fire?

Anyone have the the same problem how in heroic dungeons, bosses/adds I pull significantly more dps as frost than fire. I enjoy playing fire more because it fits my theme better :)
Frost has more cleave AoE damage which is why. The entire dungeon as frost I will normally pull 30-40% of group damage and 45-60k DPS. On bosses however it is normally only around 45-60k DPS as well, depending on procs and if I get my alter time right. As Fire, you don't pull as much AoE normally, but your single target, with reasonable RNG, should be the same as frost. I have pulled upwards of 90k-100k with Time Warp an entire boss fight that had good RNG, but normally I can get 50k-80k, just RNG dependent. I will be raiding as fire.
Frosts AoE is good, for like 20 seconds, and then it is way worse than Fires.

On fights with 3 targets, Fire is way better if played correctly. On fights with > 3 targets, Fire and Frost should be more inline, depending on how long the adds last (Fire has more ramp time)

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