"been playing since vanilla"

Guild Recruitment
A word of advice...

Stop it. you're lying. we all know you're lying.

Lets assume you're telling the truth. Unless you're applying for a US top-50? you're bad.
You're telling us that you've been playing for the full 8 years and are still hopping around average guilds. that means you're bad. just stop.
So you're implying that all people who have been playing since vanilla are either bad, or in fantastic guilds that never die? I know recruiting is frustrating. Go take it out on a pillow.
Why is this guy so mad?
This guy's just mad because he stands in purple !@#$ a lot.
Yeah, that's what we thought.
Hi there. 90 prot warrior currently ranked #2 on WoL. Playing since Vannila. Still in a !@#$ guild because i pvp as a main thing on a shaman. So what wana fight about it?
I've been playing since vanilla. = ( WHY SO MUCH HATE? I missed wrath but I heard it was bad anyways.

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