The Secrets of Guo-Lai

Bug Report
No quest turn in. I found some information about this (though unofficial) that suggests if you hit honored before turning in this quest your kind of screwed because the NPC moves?

I found the NPC over by Setting Sun Garrison but I can not interact with him regarding the quest. However, I reached honored before getting this quest I think so I'm not sure how I bugged this one out. If i can't turn it in after honored, how did I get it after honored?
same, bump
Just happened to me =(
Same here, bump
This just happened to me on Lightbringer, and it's the same NPC that failed to appear to turn in the quest Behind Our Lines the other day.
Same, Bump
Same. Would be lovely to stop having bugs on this quest giver, this is getting aggravating. And by that, I mean any bug, not fix a bug to have another one happen just a little later in the quest chain or in the rep.
Same thing
I'm not sure if this is the cause for it, but I seem to be stuck in the wrong phase at the Golden Pagoda as well. This means I'm unable to get any Golden Lotus dailies. I've flown all over hoping I have missed something but no luck.

I'm neutral with Golden Lotus, so it's not exactly the same issue, but may be related!
Same problem...reached honored and picked up this quest but cannot turn it in and cannot see many of the other quest givers at the golden pagoda.
Same thing here i tried abandoning it and regeting it 18 times reloaded ui restarted computer yet nothing appears to be working
This isn't like extremely helpful, but I don't think it has to do with the rep, since I believe you only get this quest at honored, and I finished it just fine, while someone was asking me if I could finish it because he couldn't. It might have to do with some other quest you finished that's zoning it out for you.
This happened to me yesterday, I hit honored with the Golden Lotus got the quest and completed the requirements but the npc to turn it into is not at the Golden Pagoda, I tried abandoning the quest and re picking it up and completing it again and that didn't work; tried re-logging and that didn't work.
This quest reads wrong because the fact that the Npc that we have to turn this quest into is actually at Setting Sun Garrinson when we are on this quest please change it and the location we need to turn in this quest....
You have to wait for the daily reset to turn this quest in, once a reset happens for your server, the NPC will appear at the intended turn in spot.

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