Transfer Aborted: instance not found

Technical Support
I looked at recent Tech posting and did a search and couldn't find any posting within the past month related to this that was completely relevant.

I have only tried it with the Coren Direbrew DF Random, but when I get the queue and it pops up and I hit Enter, it goes to the loading screen and then the loading bar doesn't move. It puts me back to my character spot and says "Transfer Aborted: instance not found" it'll do this 3+ times till it lets me in (if I'm lucky.) It started this morning, I saw the server restarts and decided to wait until after they finished to try again. 3 hours later and it still happens. I'm lucky if it let's me into the dungeon after my queue. I've reloaded, restarted WoW, my comp, my internet and it will still give me the Aborted message.

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