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10/04/2012 05:04 PMPosted by Berri
I don't know Santiaga or Colleen and I certainly don't live in Maine. I don't know that I'd agree with her political stances or that I would vote for based on her policies. That's not what this is about.

what this is about is that you would vote for her simply because someone attacked her for playing wow..thats just...irresponsible .

that's like saying that you would vote for Hitler because his opponent smeared him for having a silly mustache.

dont get me wrong. attacking her for her hobby (for example, would anyone make a big deal about knitting for 22hrs a week?) is wrong.

You must not have read my post literally right above your own where I said in no uncertain terms that people should not base their voting decisions on her playing World of Warcraft, but on her policies and merits. That means you shouldn't just vote for her to counter this smear campaign, just as they shouldn't be using WoW against her as a reason not to vote for her.

Also, look up Godwin's law.
As a WoW player, I find this pretty shocking. I understand that this is the Republican party in Maine, and perhaps things are different up there, but it strongly suggests that one of the two major political parties in our country are willing to throw gamers - which make up a large chunk of the population, either in casual or serious gamers - under the bus to advance their own goals.

These are the people trying to gain power. They don't need to be compartmentalizing their constituents based on what is convenient for them.
If she sees this: I am 100% behind you girl! I am a volunteer for the Democrats, own a non-profit and LOVE MY WOW. I am sick of how the Republicans bash everyone to cover the fact that they cannot come up with a platform to fix the problems in this world!

Good luck in the elections I will be rooting for you!
Have you guys read some of the things she has said on the internet?

I could care less that she plays WoW, but some of that stuff is just plain stupid for anyone to say... let alone someone who had plans of running for office.
Yeah, that's pretty damn lame. But welcome to the land of Dirty, Dirty Politics.

And proud Conservative Republican. Only Liberals chose the Alliance :P
If playing an orc rogue is the worst thing they can dig up about her, they've already lost the fight.
So. If we are to judge a persons character based on the social outlet of world of warcraft. The majority of time a cross realm player messages me rudely with foul language, I'm being contacted by a !@#$%^, murderer, or someone horrific? Maybe these players are actually serving life imprisonment for something horrible, cause apparently WoW defines us. Everything I read on that website was tame. If someone were to call me a tea bagger or lefty nut, I'd much rather read that then what I get to usually read. I liked how they highlighted her comments about playing a rogue. You know what I do? I penetrate strangers with a rod of light. For hours. I don't even ask for permission. I just do it. And I do it everywhere. Sometimes I do it en mass.

In all seriousness though. I live in Alberta. It's right winged. I do not tell people I play world of warcraft. I do not tell people if I'm religiously affiliated or not. I do not tell people which direction I vote. Because if I were to, I would be in her situation. But I'd be unemployed and I'd be ostracized.
And this is why the goverment is falling apart.

Not because someone enjoys a game or hobby,

because someone thought it was important enough to spy on them and invade their privacy and probially spend taxpayer money on it, than do what they are supposed to be doing and making things better for everyone.

But no... lets fling mud to get more votes.

Politics stink. In any country and from any party. = (
This is great free publicity for Blizz and WoW, imo. If I were in Blizz Ent I would be sending her a copy of MoP and a free Annual Pass. :D And using her on our next tv ad campaign!!!

Also, it is sure to pique the interest of yoof. A bunch of respectable ppl saying WoW is naughty... Cue: subscription spike. lol!
I read about this and had to laugh. I have a brother running for State rep who was an avid wow player himself. I'm waiting for his competition to see this and start giving him a hard time about that. He used to play Magic the card game too, I can only imagine what they'd say to that.

Sent him the link of the story, I'm sure he'll get a good laugh at what some people will say to smear a persons name. Even when they haven't done anything wrong.
That website is appalling. And it so obviously trying to belittle and slander her that it makes me sick. Despite that fact that the people who frequent these forums or play a lot will be able to tell that she doesn't let the game consume all of her time, people that horrible website is targeted at will not be able to tell and will take it at face value.

Man I hate politics. If I lived in Maine I'd vote for her just to spite the people that made this website. Honestly, I wonder how many other politicians play and she's just the first one that was "outed".

If I ever see her in game, since she plays on my server, I'm going to give her a hug. :(
Wish I lived in Maine so she could get my vote.
i think i would prefer it if politicians spend their time doing other things.
call me old fashioned i guess

Check out her page. She's an 85 with an ilvl of 345. Mists of Pandaria dropped almost 2 weeks ago and she's still 85. I think it's pretty safe to say she doesn't spend all of her free time in Azeroth, instead it's a hobby. And it's absolutely ridiculous to criticize people for having outside interests -- hobbies make people more well-rounded individuals.

My question would be; would these Republicans make such a big deal if she were a Human Paladin? My guess is they would never have mentioned it.
What is the legislature like in Maine? Here in VA, our state legislature is only in session a few times a year. IE. You can't be a career politician at the state level unless you're in the executive side of it. If this is the case, then who cares what she does in her free time. Of course the problem is, these tactics are used because these tactics work.

Wave your staff and ring the bell. Time to bring the sheep into the pen. Baaaaah!
That website is by far the worst example of selective reading I've ever seen.
This is so pathetic that I can't even think of anything clever or fitting to say.

Seriously, who cares what she does in her free time? God forbid senators be normal human beings and enjoy entertainment unrelated to their careers.

There can be only one response: Lok'tar ogar, sister!
LOL. The Daily Kos? They love to spam my inbox with emails about the latest outrage over Republicans and how they need more money from me to win the election and cleanse this country of the foul unbelievers in the Democratic Way!

Jesus, people are crazy.

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