Best rbg grp@ burning legion right thur

Burning Legion
Sup fellas , For this new season i'll be making rbg grps as much as i can. Mostly hosted by the og collection tha best guild on this server by far. If you want to be in the rbg group post in here with Previous RBGS/ARENAS rating. We asking for at least 2k people non-retards who has skype.Need healers mostly but we accepting any DPS just post. Asians get instant invite.

Special Shout out to:

@Bobbydabrute. Long story no punchline.
@Flayz. These bad jokes and being a gladiator.
@Maunder. Not win trading r1 typeracer my favorite asian
@Fayz. Being a pro shaman that wsg was all your.
@Swep. Even if you hate mexicans.
@Oakpaw. Thx for healing me baby lol jk i dont give a !@#$.
@Dotsaholic. Even if you have a strong accent and we can't understand anything.
@Nero. Being asian i guess.
@Empathee@arthas. For rolling with us get it. Monk jokes so funny
@Darkrachet@aggramar. Being a pro dk that grip in wsg godlike mode.
@Electra. For not being here when we need you
@that priest from ursin dont remember your name.
@me. No reason obvious shout out.

@all the og collection member GG.
Love healing you qtpies. <3 Wtb punch lines next time.
oh i guess u cant understand my accent.
I can't read squiggle.
Seriously though, legit RBG group going on here. Getfckedx goes ham and kills everything, we're looking for what little talent this server has left.

Talk to me, getfckedx, or pretty much anyone on that list for more information about the group. We tend to run the RBGs at night, 8-9 server time.

@Getfckedx - We trampled all those tacos last night.
^ what this man said.

Im still hungry for tacos eating brah.
ohi all.

my shoutout should be for pro typhoon noob.
10/04/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Swep
my shoutout should be for pro typhoon noob.

oh sloppy seconds so good. tasty mhmm mhmmm
yo guys its me the priest on ursin best group of my life thx 4 the shoutout
yo guys its me empathee best group of my life hmu when you're playing again

Thats what's up.
2500 rbg exp, hero last season. hit me up
GG bros wish i was on your team
if you need hpx the holy pally add me fatvirgin#1130
ty again guys lol
My kids are half Asian, does that count?
I'm 2K plus, not an ratard, and have skype. I'm am not Asian though...
What days and times will these normally be run?

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