PVP Shadowpriest glyph, talent.

I want opinion of people about my testing and research on the new SP MoP.

Talents i use and i think are best choice:

Psyfiend: i wont discuss about this one, its clearly best choice

Phantasm: same with this one, free trinket 30 sec CD simply op

From Darkness Come light: RNG proc i am not a fan of RNG in pvp, but for you keep doting 2 or 3 target at time, it will proc alot. Do Not Consume your damage overtime , instant cast , no mana cost , 50% more damage, i mean its alot of great thing. Mindbender is really cool, but i do think good player in pvp will avoid it, you can kill it, you can cc it. correct me if im wrong on this please. You CANT avoid instant cast mind spike and its the reel reason of my pick.

Spectral Guise: you can prevent alot of cc or damage if you use it at good timing. 30SEC CD is reel reason why i pick this talent. if this spell was 2 or 3min CD i would pick angelic bulwark, but the CD is so fast that u can prevent so many cc and damage that you dont want wich make it a great pvp utulity.

Divine Insight: i picked this one since its really great when it proc instant cast MB reset CD of MB its RNG but nothing really better in this line. Twist of fate 15% more damage look really great but my opinion is when your target is below 20% , shadow word death make the job done, its more a PVE talent that will increase your overall dps.

Mass dispel
Dark binding
these 2 glyph are a must for SP priest

Really need help for the third one
mind spike glyph
Fade glyph
Prayer of mending glyph

those 3 glyph are great to me and i cant decide wich one take i want people to clearly discuss about it to make my choice clear
thanks in advance for reading
By the way i dont care about grammar im not english, i make my best into your language wich is the must important for me.
Void tendrils over psyfiend all day. I went with psy at first and wanted it to work SO bad, but Our biggest threat our melee classes ie warrior n dk. Fear becomes irrelevant so VT locks them down AND has a 15sec less cd.

Phantasm all day.

I'm taking SW:I over FDCL in pvp only because I don't use mind spike glyph and I don't recast dots while they're active so when SW:D almost ends I cast SW:I and it's really bursty and powerful.

Im taking desperate prayer for pvp bcz my health rarely dips below 50% much less 30 so angelic won't matter yet anytime I hit 50,60% hp I cast DP and I'm damn near full again.

Divine insight obviously at 75, any unexpected MB/shadow orb is a given.

Halo at 90 imo.

Glyphs are no brainer. Glyph of mass dispel, dark binding, AND REFLECTIVE SHIELD. the numbers/stats are out and it is literally a must take glyph.

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