What strategies are you currently using?

Pet Battles
So what strategies do you attempt? and help me out with mine lol

I try to go with fel flame for a nuke/dot, a little black ram for super damage (in case i find any monks lol), and a venomspitter hatchling for dot and tank (with healing and all, theyre hard to kill). Im personally having troubles because two beasts on my team opens a real weakness to mechanical pets which are incredibly overused, and i think there has to be some sort of more effective dot damage dealing pet than fel flame. any ideas?

On a side note, i also think that store bought pets are given an edge. Thats just an opinion open for discussion though.
I run heavy damage with speed reductions and shields, I felt like beasting through to the last trainers rather than use the (numerous) buffs and debuffs system.

Most strategies are self explanatory, buff weather effects and use pets that benefit from them, shielf/healing in a war of attrition, stuns and burst or any combination of the three. I see some very fun and interesting strategy in the future :3.

Fel flames is the only DoT I know that works over 9 turns and also on the back line, unless im thinking of infernal flame armor, in which case, that.
think i could use minfernal to cast dots, switch out, then switch back in during consecutive fights until his healths gets low enough for explode?
I did this for a while, then I started to feel bad.

Minfernal is my friend, we're going with my Fel Flame and Grell go hang out in Shadowmoon Valley with some Felweed and a good alchemist I know.

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