The Original Crew vs Kote BG Vid!

Emerald Dream
this video is from a few years back, slayerz sent me the vid and i uploaded it for all the old school ED mates to see, this was probably my favorite experience to date here on ED

you will probably recognize alot of the names
daddy = owgee for those who dont remember
poundurhole = backsurgery

as for the rest if they arnt using there same name i havnt talked to them pretty much since wrath so i cant update any further


EDIT: also no music in the vid i suggest loading up a tune for it tho
I thought Slay died in a stampede at Walmart.
Slayerz is much to strong with the elements to ever pass away... one question i never found the answer too was who was that old troll back in the day when Kote and Crew war was blooming. I cant even remember his name atm but im sure someone will know who i am thinking of. He was quite famous here on the forums
Forum troll or actual troll? If actual troll I'd have to go with Zaji or Xeer. I'm not too sure that Zaji hates anyone more than anyone else. I think that cat would pretty much tell anyone but his dog to f off. Xeer seems to have a particular seething hatred for anything Kote and the guild name brings out the contradictory nature more to the forefront of an already contradictory person. Then again, when it comes to KotE there is no shortage of haters out there. If I remember correctly BL was hater central. But I'm sure you knew that.

Most of the sexy people were banned due to the efforts of a few select jacktards and their own actions by posting things like scatporn or what have you. hope this helps.
i wanna say the toons name was like pallet or something with a P someone here has to remember him someone tell amortia or blessed to visit this thread i know they have an idea of who it was

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