Chen's masterpiece

Bug Report
I have done every quest line in the zone except this one and Stormstout Brewery. They will not unlock for some reason. Is there a fix?
I am having the same problems. At the same spot... anyone?
Do you have the following quest in your quest log:

It is called A Neighbor's Duty

I found that I had the same issue as you for Valley of the Four Winds. I think it is a quest that is given to you as a follow up and it isn't obvious that you should be getting another quest. But this quest links the chain together. You will get a couple quests after that from the guy you turn that into and then and then after doing that, there will be one more quest called A Lesson in Bravery: Then, finally, you will be able to take off with Chen and Li Li to deal with the brewery and Chen's Masterpiece.

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