<Vicious Bunnies> LvL 25 Horde : Area-52 PVE

Area 52
Vicious Bunnies, We are currently recruiting to fill our core raid spots, LF 450 ilvl+ members (Tank, DPS, Healers) that are looking to progress into MoP at a nice pace. raids start at 11pm EST till 1-2am. tues wed thurs, fri optional if the raid wants too. 2 out of the 3 days is required!! We are semi hardcore, we include Gbank repairs, Vent, Vanilla till current game knowledge and a few shots of Jager also! Pst me in game for info or reply here! We are a laid back easy going guild who maintains a presence on the server with progression. We understand IRL comes first. We all have jobs, so know joining here will be a good and fun experience!
I'm currently not looking to switch guilds, however, if you are looking for mature committed players who show up on time, prepared and listen, please contact me. Your times are great and my warrior(arms) will be geared up from dailies and heroicss in a few days.

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