Rogue Shiv Doesn't Apply Improved Crippling

Bug Report
The rogue four set is supposed to give the effect of also wearing crippling poison, but when you shiv it doesn't apply the more powerful crippling poison. So taking advantage of what is clearly meant to be a mobility enabling 4 set is actually a minor mobility nerf.
In addition to the mismatch between the ideal of our 4 piece and its execution there are instances in which using shiv while using our 4 piece and our talented spells actually results in no application of crippling poison. I'm worrying a little bit that the response to this might be to call it intentional. I just want to make it very clear to whatever person who reads this that this is not intentional. There is no way that it can be: The rogue talent which allows the rogue's to apply a root is one of the ones with an issue. After three uses of shiv to apply a snare effect while using this talented mobility poison, the enemy will become immune to roots. This can actually happen much earlier. At the point at which the enemy becomes immune to roots, there is no application of a poison to the enemy when shiving. Therefore, applying a snare with shiv will now have to wait until the root DR finishes. Do you really think that when the developers made a 4 piece that allows crippling poison to be always active through using other poisons, and then went and made a mobility improving poison talent that they were thinking that they wanted the ability to apply a snare to have more than a 15 second cooldown? This same issue effects our leeching poison. However, it is more thorough. It won't apply crippling poison at all when using shiv, because it doesn't actually apply a poison when you shiv.
On stream i also heard Woundman saying that there was a bug in which if someone left melee range after you applied a poison, but before the 4 piece crippling poison set bonus kicked into effect the crippling poison from the set piece would be 'outranged' and never apply. He said this was a bug that deadly brew had in the past which has apparently returned.
Speaking of which, there is a delay in the application of crippling poison when using the four piece, which probably shouldn't be there.
I can now confirm that if you leave melee range after applying a poison with shiv, crippling poison will not be activated. Test case: Apply any utility poison other then crippling poison. Shiv, then run out of melee range prior to the delay of the poison activating.

I can also confirm that this tends to happen reliably in duels against mages.

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