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Death Knight
Hey guys,

I am a returning player. I haven't really played my DK since Wotlk and I stopped playing all together shortly after Cata, after I hit 85 on my hunter. Could someone please help me out on what spec I should be for solo lvling/dungeon running and what the rotation is? I am pretty overwhelmed logging in and staring at my character, not sure what to do lol.

Thanks so much!
any spec is good for levelling. blood never has to worry about health and can take lots of mobs at once, which is always nice but then again frost or unholy will kill a lot faster. a basic rundown of rotations/prioties for each spec go something along the lines of:

outbreak>death strike>heart strike>rune strike

outbreak>killing machine (oblterate if possible)>rime proc (howling blast)>oblterate>frost strike dump

diseases>dark transformation>death coil on proc> festering strike for death runes>scourge strike>death coil

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