2 questions about elemental blast.

First question, what effects cause the actual dmg to rise, ive seen it rise without having any extra sp procs (or maybe i havent and just imagining). SEcond, how does it decide the proc?
1. I don't think it can rise outside of SP, since it says on WoWhead "dealing 4372 to 5079 (+ 211.2% of Spell Power)" and nothing else in terms of damage increases.

2. Randomly. Unlike some things that choose the highest, EB choose Crit or Haste or Mastery at random.
EB is affected by the Unleash Flame buff, so casting it after UE will buff it by 30%.
Ok, i figured the proc was random, but it seems to come in waves, mast mast mast, crit crit crit, haste haste haste.
elemental blast is affected by your int/sp procs, by unleashed flame, and can be procced by echo of the elements and our mastery. any combination of these things can modify the damage of the spellcast.

i havent been watching my buff caeful but if i recall its like the windsong enchant: random.
Don't forget about the clearcasting 10% damage buff.

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