Two Level 90 Talents are "Clunky"

After going 5/6 this week (so far) in raid, I have to say two of the 90 talents of the mage feel CLUNKY and slow. The rest of the class changes are amazing.

I played a warlock from Vanilla to level 70 (3-4 years) and then switched to a Mage (the last 3-4 years) and I fell in love with the mage over the warlock due to the speed/mobility the Mage offers. It was a fast paced class and now two of the 90 talents make it feel like I have a boat anchor tied to my ankle. I mean this from rotation/gameplay not actual movement.

Not really complaining as much as hoping to bring the "speed" of playing a mage back with more than just one level 90 talent which only offers 6% on most fights.

Mages have always been a pure attack class, what made it so much fun...droping runes and evocating for a DPS buff kills that.

Thanks for your consideration.

Area 52
lol there is only 1 option for the 90 talent tree, if u don't choose it, it's ur fault for having a clunky spell. i thought by now everyone knew it was a no brainer!
I actually use all three on various fights...just the feel of the game play is funny.

I see the idea behind having three different choices, just don't like the feel of two during gameplay.
Just hit 90 about 20 minutes ago and was listening to all the complaining about the level 90 talents being "crappy" and "weaksauce", but I couldn't believe it because they sounded so great:

10 sec evo? YES!

Drop a rune to increase hp5/mp5/ AND SP!! OMG YES!!

or how about ANOTHER shield that restores mana and SP Buff? YES YES YES!!

However upon my short experience with these abilities I can see they aren't nearly as great as they sound...
Evo doesn't do jack ish unless you channel the ENTIRE thing. Who has time for that?

RoP kills all bits of mobility mages need. basically a 15% decrease in dmg dealt anytime you have to move plus IT HAS A CAST TIME! It disappears after a minute or so as well. IMO make it instant cast no GCD and make it last until either 100 yards away or you cast a new one.

IW isn't horrible. Probably the only one with a decent design but they shouldn't make it a penalty for not taking damage.
Ok im gonna throw my 2 cents in here.

From doing 6/6 this week evocate was the highest DPS talent. That being said i have used all the other talents during the fights.

Evocate: was my biggest DPS talent and i ended up just using this one for fire and frost.
Upside: Very noticable DPS increase and mana return.
Down side: Rooting you in place channeling a spell with a truly insane and just poorly designed channel timer. Many times i had to stop the cast and move out of my location due to boss mechanics and void zones of death.

Note: i think this talent could use tweaking on the channel timer even if its just by 1 second. The down time of finding a safe spot to perform it and if interupted during its channel will cause you to eat alot of down time in your DPS till its back up again.

Rune of power: Just a janky talent that really falls to the side when you think about the fact that it roots you in place on 2 different small zones any talent that forces you to be less mobile and become a turret is just a poor talent choice and very situational.

Incanters ward: Decent talent but again funky mechanic due to if you miss your window for the damage boost you are penalised and must wait till its back up and ready for another damage burst to boost damage. But its the only mechanic that does not root you in place in order to achieve a DPS gain.

Overall our level 90 talents are not well thought out when you think about how they limit our mobility in a class thats well known for being mobile.

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