Prot Pally stats

whats the best prot pally stat setup atm?
I have been asking the same question and its a tough one. I have done a lot of research and I think a lot of it may be preferential and even situational but at this point this is what I have found:

For high end raiding most tanks seem to:

Pure Mastery


For more "active mitigation" dependancy, which I have found is the best for heroic grinding right now, it goes like this:

Hit (7.5%) = Exp (7.5%) > Mastery > Haste > Parry > Dodge


For avoidance this is the toughest one at the moment because of how the DR works and since STR now contributes to parry i'm not really sure what priority is which but I think it goes something like this:

Parry > Dodge > Hit (7.5%) > Mastery > Exp (7.5%)

Now im not sure about all of this but I have been going with the active mitigation route and it seems to be working pretty well.. I think I may switch to pure mastery and stam for raiding but it's still pretty early to say.

Hope it helps and please correct anywhere and thank you for the additional input.
Current theorycrafting is showing that going

Stamina>hit to 7.5%>exp to 15%>mastery/haste

As being a very strong gearing method.

Skip to the posts by theck for the (math heavy) details.
I did go through thecks extensive theorycraft mathematic details and I did see that capping hit and exp a given but mastery trends well with both those stats and haste following with mastery.

I didnt know about hard capping exp though. That seems a bit extensive especially at the gear we have available at the moment. If we went for hard capping exp it would not leave a lot of room for extra mastery mitigation.
Dont cap, you miss and dont heal through insight and not gain hp. Your choice. Killed Stooneguard top dps and also kept on par with healer while healing 65% of my healing intake.

Wasnt for hit expertise i wouldnt of done that well.

I didnt know about hard capping exp though. That seems a bit extensive especially at the gear we have available at the moment.

The thing you have to remember is the way Expertise works now. In the past, as you gained expertise you removed your chance to be dodged and at the same time reduced your chance to be parried (but at a slower rate).

This meant that up to the soft-cap, you were reducing two types of avoidance, but after the soft cap you only reduced parry.

Now the way it works is that from 0 to 7.5% you reduce your chance to be dodged. From anything > 7.5% to 15% you reduce your chance to be parried.

So even though we still call it a soft cap at 7.5%, the value actually isn't going down at that point. As far as the value of expertise is concerned 7.5% is just the midway point where it changes from reducing dodge to reducing parry.

Due to how our abilities work, we don't have any holy power generators that can be dodged but not parried so that doesn't come into play.
Once again, a bit confused because there is so much information out there that all makes sense. I think it is still a bit early but you have all made good points. I will just have to do some of my own trial and error and see how all of it works out.

I like going straight mastery and I can see how that makes a lot of sense.

Thank you Bravehearth for the extra exp explanation. Helps a lot. I think when gear becomes more available and stats are a little higher going for the 15% cap can be a good thing. It's just doesnt seem worth it right now especially after looking at these high end raiding tanks and Mwch's comment.

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