Cascade and Holy Fire/smite macro help

Hello, I was wondering if any of you can help me out with a couple of macros

I would like to modify this macro for my Holy fire and Smite so that they do not work when out of combat. Yes I accidently pulled a boss last week :o

#showtooltip Holy Fire
/cast [harm][@targettarget,harm][@focustarget,harm][@mouseover,harm][@focus,harm] Holy Fire

And another macro for Cascade that does not work on the enemy. My current macro looks like this. Currently it still harms the enemy, and none of my modifications work

#showtooltip Cascade
/cast [target=mouseover,exists,help,nodead] Cascade; [target=mouseover,exists,harm,nodead] Cascade; [help,nodead] Cascade; [harm,nodead] Cascade

Please make mouseovermacros for me with no mods. Hopefully it can be done.
Thanks a lot :D
Good lord, you're going about this all the wrong way.

Target a harmful mob if you want to use Atonement healing. Use target of target to do direct healing (Greater, Binding, Power Word: Shield, Cascade), not the other way around. You're putting a lot of trust on your target to pick the correct mob, when an enemy character is much more reliable. Bosses will nearly always be targeting the active tank except in rare circumstances.

Example snippet from one of my macros:
/use [mod,@targettarget,help][mod]Power Word: Shield;[help][@targettarget,help][@player]Cascade

Don't just stick with something that isn't working well for you just because you're used to it, change it up. Odds are you'll find something else that works better if you apply yourself.

Additionally, if you really just don't want a macro to work in combat:
/stopmacro [combat]
Thank you for your reply. I just took a couple of macros suggested by other players but I know that they are not ideal hence my post. I'm not used to any of them. I was not specced AA/A prior to MOP, and didn't play with level 90 talents in beta. The dps portion of disc is now messing with my flow

Could your providemacros without mods and are mouseover?

I'm really confused as to why I would want to target of target heals. Simple mouseovers work great for me.
#showtooltip Cascade
/cast [@mouseover,exists][] Cascade

Mouseover, or Target what you want cascade to hit.

#showtooltip Holy Fire
/cast [combat,harm][@targettarget,harm][@focustarget,harm][@mouseover,harm][@focus,harm] Holy Fire

(I took your working macro, and added a condition of combat. All it does now is check for combat first. Just tested it. IF by some chance you can mouseover holy fire without combat, add combat in front of everything...Honest opinion, I just freaking cast holy fire.)
10/05/2012 07:27 AMPosted by Babilla
.Honest opinion, I just freaking cast holy fire.)

I think I will lol ty. I took the macro from a great priest when starting to use holy fire, but it's kind of messy in macro form. i"ll try yours first though.
Yes, please test. Characters need more macro space if you ask me. I just have no room for ones like that.

Could your providemacros without mods and are mouseover?

The basics of mouseover healing looks like this. It should cover all the bases, by preferring your mouseover target if you have a valid one, otherwise healing your current target (or giving you an appropriate error if you have no valid target or mouseover):
/cast [@mouseover,help,exists,nodead][] Flash Heal

The equivalent for damaging spells is:
/cast [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Holy Fire

or as per your request above for it to not be cast out of combat:
/cast [nocombat]; [@mouseover,harm,exists,nodead][] Holy Fire

And this cascade one behaves exactly the same, except that it won't be cast on enemies, as per your request: [(edited because it was needlessly complicated)]
/cast [@mouseover,exists,help,nodead][help] Cascade

If you want it to do something else (such as your original macro does something with focus and targettarget), just ask.
Thank you very much, one of those will be perfect I'm sure :)

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