Pally or Druid

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from what i seen lvl 58-90 Druids are really really good
i dont have much experience with Pallys tho but its dam hard to kill them i think they have stronger healing power then druids but i really dont know

but this is my question i have everything i need to roll a Druid have full boa but i only have cloak helm and boa pants for Pally and i was wondering is it worth geting full boa for pally or go druid?

any help would be very helpfull
Do you have a lot of alts? If not, why not do both? Play either as they seem attractive to play. If the decision is hard enough to make, that you come here to ask, then let the gameplay decide for you.

Also, theoretically, any healer class should be able to hold it's own just as well as another.

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