-Epiphany- 6/16 Recruiting DPS/Heals

- Epiphany -

World -50- Stone guard kill
Pushing Top 100 US
10 Man - Arthas - Horde
Raid times : Tues,Wednesday,Thurs 7-11 PM ST (EST)
Currently recruiting - One DPS, and One Heals.

Contact me via Real id if intrested - Bmaplestory1@gmail.com

Epiphany is now looking for competent players willing to take the time and effort in progressing through new content at a very fast pace. The guild was formed the second week of dragon soul of just random people from other guilds around the server, As time went on we formed a stronger and stronger core and ended up Defeating 8/8HM In may.
We are now switching to Tues,Wednesday,Thurs 7-11 PM ST (EST) To push for server firsts (Previously raiding Fri/Sat). We are looking for Very experienced and talented players to fill our 10 Man core roster. We recruit based on Skill over friendship If you are better skill wise then someone currently in the guild we will gladly replace them and bring you in to better the group as a whole.
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