Want to Start Playing Arenas..problem

Hey guys,

I want to start taking pvp and arenas seriously this expansion, both because I am tired of raiding and how casual it has gotten and because college won't work with raid schedules. I'm having a problem though...

I don't have much experience prior to this with arenas... maybe 1800's, and 400 games total, and I can't get into the "pvp scene" on my server (malganis) because everyone wants either glad or 2200 achieve. My guild all quit in Cata and I don't have any friends that pvp. All the kids I meet in trade are "hardcore pvpers" but they log on once a month.

gear up and ship out!

the altenative is trying to associate with a new click of players. do BG, get social, get into rated BG and then from there you will get to know players and they will maybe be more comfortable playing with you now that they know you better, only thing i can think of bro.

hit them books hard by the way, good luck this semester
yeah. i try and get into conversations with people that are "good" at pvp but they are just short with me because im not "good enough"
any other thoughts?

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