Bug:Certain Pet Battle Achievements Wiped :-(

Pet Battles
I noticed last night that a couple of my Pet Battle achievements were inexplicably reset to zero:

Rookie Pet Group (Raise 15 pets to level 10) -- I had raised at least 6 pets to level 10 (this number does not include lvl10+ pets I have captured). It now says I've raised 0/15 pets to level 10.

No Favorites (Raise a pet of every family to level 10) -- I had raised a pet from at least 6 different families to level 10; however, it now shows that I have not raised any to lvl10.

There might be other achievements affected that I haven't noticed yet.

Please look into this, and fix it; we don't want to have to go and redo those achievements from the beginning. Could this have anything to do with the bug that affected Darkmoon quest item turn-in achievements when they first came out?

I see your achievements (as well as mine) displaying properly in the armory.
This happens to me too, log out and back in and it should be back to normal. It's incredibly annoying having to do so though to keep track of my achievements. At least I think this is what you mean, I haven't seen anyone else post about it.
Just updated with the latest patch and found all the pet achievements I was grinding on reset to zero. Restarting WoW had no effect. Hope they can restore them soon!

EDIT: got a new pet achieve while playing, and the zeroed-out ones reset themselves. Whew!

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