[H] <In Another Castle> 10man recruiting

In Another Castle is a focused 10 man Heroic raiding guild on Saurfang (Oceanic) running during New Zealand friendly times, 6-9pm ST Wed/Thurs/Sun (with a Monday option for progression) and we are looking to bolster our roster for Mists.

IAC has a history of clearing all Heroic content while still current and we intend to continue this into Mists as we push for server first kills. During Cata cleared:
T11 - 13/13 HM
T12 - 7/7 HM
T13 - 8/8 HM

We are currently recruiting for a warlock, although any exceptional app will be considered.

Our group contains a fairly even mix of Australian and New Zealand players (and unfortunately one from Canadia...) who have significant raiding skill and experience. Our officers Zuzum, Soul and Talvir have been running raids for years and are leading the charge in Mists.

We have high standards for our raiders and expect people to learn quickly from mistakes.

IAC accomplished server first T11, narrowly missed server first T12 (~3%) and were slightly delayed by class balance on spine and madness when finishing up T13. If you can make a positive contribution as we push hard for the top spot, talk to us straight away!

Apply at http://anothercastle.chron.ws, or pst an officer in-game for more info.
Bumpin for ranged deeps

6/6 down with a fill in, come be awesome.
Grats on 6/6!
Good to see more competition for hard modes next week :)
I am Deathswings, and I approve this post
Bump for a pally tank with ret off spec
A Poledon :O
Bump for leashes!
3/6H and we are not currently recruiting~~
grats on garajal!

My favorite heroic so far, took us a long time to squeeze the required DPS out of our raid. Feeling slightly behind the ball on loot, somehow 90 coins doesn't seem worth 85g 50s.

Dislike that they added a system than can add loot to a groups total pool via RNG.. Having a set amount and trying to utilize it best is one thing, running alt raids is dedication and takes a lot of organization and time, this is just too RNG for me at these early stages.

How you guys feeling about new content this reset!
Bump for Frost DK #1 parse on Elegon normal by 9k dps and top 8 for every other boss.

Shame logs are private I need a bigger epeen.
you wouldnt be no.1 anyways, There are so many guilds with private parses these days.

Pls get on my lvl.


promise not screamer
10/29/2012 11:09 PMPosted by Laurisa
my lvl

Piloted of the Vaults?
Freelancer of the OP class!

A single class can make that much of a diff on an end boss!? Who would have thought! -_-

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