Keep Getting DC'd - Malfurion Server

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Hi there, I'm posting here tonight in the hopes that someone can help me out. Multiple times tonight I have been getting disconnected from the game and I'm at a loss as to why?

It seems to be random when I get disconnected (Standing around, middle of a duel, etc) and it lasts for a fair while. However, I've noticed that after I DC I can generally get into other realms just fine, just not Malfurion (the realm of the toon that keeps getting DC'd).

I've ruled out my ISP and network (at least, presumably), seeing as my sister is currently playing as well and has had no issues tonight (She's playing on Nesingwary). We're playing in the same room, through the same router, etc. She hasn't disconnected once, whereas I'm booted from the game just about every half hour.

Any ideas? Or anything I can try to troubleshoot? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. :D (Or perhaps, does anyone know if this is a known issue related to the Malfurion realm?)

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