Selling mount craft Depleted-Kyparium Rocket

Depleted-Kyparium Rocket
Living Steel (12)
Kyparite (200)
Orb of Mystery (3)
High-Explosive Gunpowder (12)
Spirit of Harmony (12)
Ghost Iron Bolts (20)

Selling craft for 5k, this mount goes for about 100k in the AH. Get it cheap here or for resale.
Send me message or mail in game, don't check these forums often.

edit:update price and ah price
bump have another set of spirits of harmony for sale
Gonna mooch off of your post and say that I can craft the Gnomish version of the mount for anyone as well. Same crafting price as Guter (30k).

Geosynchronous World Spinner

Mats are:
Living Steel (12)
Trillium Bar (12)
Ghost Iron Bolts (20)
Spirit of Harmony (12)
Orb of Mystery (3)

This thread is a one stop shop to new engi mounts! Yay :)
Message/mail me in-game, since the only time I check these forums are at work.
Bump got 2 more for sale at a lower price! Current price in AH is over double what you would pay to make it including my fee!
bump got 2 more sets of spirits for crafting, updated price and AH price.
Update got 2 more sets and price update on op

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