I upgraded but my screen says Im still in cat

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Cataclysm, how do I get to MOP..I did the digital download and activated it..
Along with many others, I bought the digital Expansion set from Walmart. Followed the instructions and downloaded the game client. Account manager says MOP is installed but game itself isn't upgraded. Would love to know how to fix this problem.
From reading Im supposed to have a quest show up on my quest log to enter Mop, I don't see any new quests on this character..Im able to start a Monk and run around mop but not my 85 mage
I've given both of these a little nudge, see if things resolve on your next login.

Papa, yours may still not show up as a Deluxe Edition - but if your mount and pet show up, showing Standard Edition is a current display issue from those using those particular cards.
Thanks for answering my help call but your nudge didn't work, Im still stuck in Cat with no new quests to enter MOP..Tol Barad is quite empty now and Im getting lonely
Now I can't log in at all, my character is stuck in Cat even though I payed for the upgrade to mop and now I can't even log into cat...This sucks I want a refund
Do you realize there was just a server reset, your not the only 1 having the problem

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