[H]Nagrand - The Dark Within - 10 man

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
The Dark Within is a raiding guild with a progression focus, but casual hours.

Our plan is to raid just Wednesday and Sunday nights from 7.30pm- 10pm (AEST)

We are in need of 3 DPS that can be raid ready in the coming fortnight as we are going to start raiding this week if we have enough members ready.

The casual hours means we are only looking for great players, who can come to raids fully prepared to sit for 2.5 hours and get content completed. If you love raiding, researching your class, being properly gemmed/chanted and can pay attention to not be treated like babies for every boss fight - i.e. - can watch your own timers and cool downs - we are the guild for you!

We do not want loot focused people, AFKer's, difficult personalities, people that must have everything called out to them during a fight, rude or abrasive people or people that cannot attend raids consistently.

You must be willing to discuss strats and issues on the guild forums as we don't want to waste time during raids discussing crap that should have been sorted out beforehand. For 2.5 hours we want solid work and motivation.

Some of us have been raiding since Vanilla, others since BC, so we know how to do it and we are not afraid of a challenge - neither should you! We do not want a huge guild and are staying small for the purposes of contained boss kills and team building, we want to get into heroic modes and have some fun, but not be weighed down by having to focus on huge amounts of people.

Many of us have multiple alts, we like doing PVP, pet battles, achievement hunting, mount chasing etc so we are always doing something - just because we are small doesn't mean we don't do anything!

Please whisper anyone in the guild and ask for Saifa or Dragonray - we may be on alts.
In need of 2 DPS now.

Preference for Boomy, Rogue, ele shammy or lock!
Is there a possibly position for a Fury Warrior, is it worth applying?

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