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Would love some input here. Just a few things I picked up on while checking lore and things. I haven't read all the lore scattered everywhere either, so if someone has and can point out anything that was contradicted - or might help, much appreciated.

The Mogu seem to be creatures of stone. While this is obviously a reference to that one tomb in China, where the emperor is guarded by all those stone soldiers, it's gotta be present in lore in some form. The presence of elementals already confirms that living stone creatures existed before the titans created the Earthen. I figure the Pandaren are to the Mogu as dwarves are to Earthen. That is to say, the Mogu were infected with the curse of flesh (maybe it just spread to them) and evolved into Pandas. In the same light all the cats we see around could all be evolutions of Quilien afflicted with the curse of flesh.

The curse of flesh wouldn't have just afflicted Titan creations, not with the information that was given on how widespread it was. Maybe anything but the old gods' own elemental servants and insect tribes was given it. Maybe even trolls were VASTLY different (read: scaly) way back then, and then were given the curse of flesh.

Okay, so they don't look SUPER similar (I've noticed a few small similarities though), so this argument might be ruined by appearance alone, but certain things in the game lend credence to it.

Architecture. It's kind of obvious that a lot of the older structures around were created by the Mogu (the wall is covered in their statues, and if it was to keep the Mantid out, it would make sense for them to build it.) What's more though, Pandaren Architecture seems extremely derivative of Mogu. It's not just "move in, copy, and build" or inspiration. It could have been an architecture style that was passed down.

The Temple of Niuzao. Why the Pandaren would've build this outside of the safety of the wall seems a little weird. Perhaps all the temples, at least their grounds, were established, and the celestials worshipped, by the Mogu as well. The structure seems MUCH older than the other temples too, about as old as the wall, maybe older.

The Mantid. Their connection to the Qiraji, their war with the Mogu, the Mogu's alliance with the Trolls, and the Qiraji-Troll wars. This could even just be left as a reason for the old gods to WILLINGLY afflict the Mogu with the Curse of Flesh, they were the enemy at one time, so the Old Gods didn't care.

What happened to the Mogu. They eventually fractured and the lesser races took over the continent. Could it also be that one of the tribes had more power than the others, and ended up staying in power?
No,the Mogu are referenced as having stoney or metallic skin but they're still flesh underneath it. Most Quilen are flesh too, the Mogu made the stone versions.

The Mogu dug up, stole, and salvaged Titan tech to empower their empire, to the best of our knowledge they have no relation to the Pandaren aside from having been their slavemasters.

Moreover, if you look at the Mogu's legs, you'll see they're kinda scaly, not mammalian.
Actually, it's reversed. In the Mogu Lorewalker story, they say they stole Titan tech to empower themselves and make them more stone like, similar to what the Neferset did during Uldum.
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The Mogu seem to be creatures of stone


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